1. Another of my finals.

  2. One of my finals for procon. Thinking of doing a run of these and selling them.

  3. Air max 90. Cyanotype ink & posca experimented with a tombow aswell this time.

  4. Air max 1 print for procon using cyanotype ink and a posca.

  5. Cyanotype print of one of my photos for Sam and Ellis.

  6. Last week I had to present where I am up to with my NMP at Media City. I was originally against the move there but I warmed to it slightly whilst there. 

    I was pretty nervous to present in front of people I’m a pretty quiet person, I think I did alright in the end though. I was pretty surprised that Andy Golpys knows of my photography work and was made up with the positive feedback from him. 

  7. Cyanotype print of my safaris. It came out pretty clear after some unsuccessful attempts.

  8. Did a couple of cyanotype prints of my hand drawn typography. Again I put them on Instagram and sold them all.

  9. iPhone shot.

  10. Earlier in the year I created these lino prints in the print room for procon3

    I put them on instagram to sell and kind of stupidly I sold them all I intended to submit one of them for one of my 3 final pieces as I have been drawing loads of sneakers in my sketchbook. 

  11. Footasylum Interview 

    Recently I applied for a creative assistant role at Footasylum. I was asked to put together some PDF’s of my work. It was an opportunity to show that I can design and a way to show that i fit the bill. 

    The interview went smoothly and I got on with the guys pretty well. Again it was a massive confidence boost as I got great feedback on my portfolio. 

    I tailored my CV to fit the job showing that I have an interest in fashion with photos i shot of some of the clothing I used to print and sell. Some shots of sneakers I have taken in my spare time. 

    Before this oppurtunity I was beginning to get quite scared. I’m about to finish a graphic design degree and I don’t even want to be a graphic designer.  Its as if this job was perfectly tailored towards me. I have a high interest in fashion and sneakers, I love photography and I do enjoy designing things ( I just don’t want to be a full time designer ). I would be required to assist photo shoots of clothing and sneakers and give a helping hand in the graphic design department. 

    I wasn’t successful in my application. This was down to the company needing a full timer rather that a part time student. Not only was this a massive confidence boost but it has given me direction in where I want to work. I will be getting back in touch with the guys at foot asylum after I graduate and I am currently taking on work to put in my portfolio tailored towards this kind of job. 

  12. Costa Del Salford 

    I found the Costa Del Salford night to be a massive confidence boost.  I had chat and a portfolio surgery with Adam Russ, Dr.me, Will Berry and Barney Ibbotson. 

    I expected a lot more negative feedback and a lot less positive feedback than I received. Everyone seemed to really like my photography and one of the guys said to me ‘what advice can I give you you already know what your doing, just keep doing it.’ which was obviously a massive confidence boost coming from somebody who works in design and photography in the industry in the kind of role I would like to find myself. I have been trying to utilise my instagram account for networking with creatives. It must be paying off somewhat as one of the guys i had a surgery with mid way through asked if my instagram account was @creeseburger. 

    I was told to take some of my work out of my portfolio and its completely understandable as to why. I’m not a very strong designer, I like to work with photography and from looking at my blog it must be quite clear that I want to work in photography. Graphic Design and Photography intertwine so its not like I am running away from graphic design .


  14. I shot some promo photos for my Girlfriends hand made jewellery site recently. 

    Check out www.facebook.com/reojewellery & @reojewellert on instagram. 

  15. One of my photos from my shoot with Ellis Gayle and Sam Davies. Edited by Ellis Gayle. 

    (Source: ellisgaylepc)