1. One from today for @empireafflecks with @dankhalique 📷

  2. A blackletter I recently completed in Manchester’s northern quarter for tech hub.

  6. Trying to work some imagery into it.

  7. Figured that it would be pretty kool to try and get an exhibition / zine launch party for our NMP body of work. While this is completely made up I think we can bulk up our project by creating promotional material for this made up exhibition. Started super plain, using the same grid I have in the printed zine. Admittedly it is to plain and I should include a photo, I just thought we are printing it on a really nice type of paper and it would look a lot better printed than in screen. I will probably print one to get my point accross.

  9. Some shots from yesterday’s 6acre event.

  10. Air max 90 Independence Day

  11. Atmos elephants + Ropes laces

  12. Some more shots from 6acre yesterday. Good day, good kicks, good people. 

  13.  I didn’t like the intro page I had originally done. I think i’d over complicated the layout and it wasn’t sitting right with me plus I don’t feel I needed to include photos on the intro page. So I have quite drastically simplified it. 

  14. Some layouts I’m working on. 

  15. Messing around with layouts for cover of our Berlin printed zine.