1.  I didn’t like the intro page I had originally done. I think i’d over complicated the layout and it wasn’t sitting right with me plus I don’t feel I needed to include photos on the intro page. So I have quite drastically simplified it. 

  2. Some layouts I’m working on. 

  3. Messing around with layouts for cover of our Berlin printed zine.

  4. A while back I helped Jordan with his NMP. We weere in the photography studio shooting a B/W 60’s mod inspired theme. It was pretty cool as I’ve never done anything like that. It helps him with his work and it helps me with mine as I now have some portraits for my portfolio. 

  5. End and saucony have set up an Instagram competition to win a pair of the burger sneaks. Simply post a picture of your favourite burger and post the given hashtag. Really strong marketing idea. Here’s my entry. Proper decent burger lad.

  6. All I can think about is the Saucony burger, set for release on may the 1st. They’ve smashed it with the teaser photography. Really like the diner setting for the shoots, its the perfect environment considering the shoe & its nice to see sneaker photography in a different setting. 

    If you know me you know i love burgers, photography and sneaks. What a perfect way to wrap up my interests. I’ll be getting the coach down to Newcastle on the day for the launch party at END. I’ve been told it will be consisting of burgers, booze and sneaks. Sounds like a top day!

  7. Today I helped out April with her NMP. I shot these photos for her in the photography studio. It was good for me as I want all the experience I can get. I’m pretty new with studio photography so it was fun to get stuck into it.  

  9. A studio shot from today, explanatory post to follow, still editing. 

  10. Another of my finals.

  11. One of my finals for procon. Thinking of doing a run of these and selling them.

  12. Air max 90. Cyanotype ink & posca experimented with a tombow aswell this time.

  13. Air max 1 print for procon using cyanotype ink and a posca.

  14. Cyanotype print of one of my photos for Sam and Ellis.

  15. Last week I had to present where I am up to with my NMP at Media City. I was originally against the move there but I warmed to it slightly whilst there. 

    I was pretty nervous to present in front of people I’m a pretty quiet person, I think I did alright in the end though. I was pretty surprised that Andy Golpys knows of my photography work and was made up with the positive feedback from him.